Energy Data Filing

Since Energy Conservation is the most cost effective solution to meet the Energy crisis and reduce the impact on environment, The Government of India has issued notification through the Ministry of Power in Gazette order No.SO 394 E dated 12.03.2007 specifying levels of Energy Consumption among specific category of energy intensive units.

Hence, furnishing of energy consumption data in the prescribed format is mandatory for all such energy intensive units, namely, the designated consumers. The energy consumption details should be furnished in the specified format prescribed The Government of India through the Ministry of Power in Gazette order No.GSR No.174 E dated 02.03.2007. The energy data pertaining to every financial year (April to March) should be filed to the BEE, New Delhi with copy to this department before 31st June of every year.

With a view to enable a data base on the energy use by the designated consumers and to evolve policy measures on energy conservation, the Tamil Nadu State Designated Agency has provided an on line e-data filing in this portal. The designated consumers should make use of this process in order to achieve the objective of the Government.